Chapuzza might sound like classy slang an Italian mafioso would use, but in reality it's a stylized version of the Spanish word 'chapuza'. ‘Chapuza’ refers to a shoddy job, a mess or even playing a dirty trick. Yet, every Chapuzza garment is made with care and precision. We have all seen the border between fashion and streetwear become blurred over recent years and we want to play with this. Think designs inspired by fast-food packaging, yet we bring fashion which is fair, not fast.

Chapuzza is an upcoming brand from the Netherlands and is a valuable alternative to fast-fashion brands. You will recognise our gear by our bold designs, colorful & refreshing style. Join the Chapuzza cult!


The Chapuzza team consists of three creative individuals who each have a background in a different kind of creative field. Whether it be film, art or graphic design, everyone has a love for streetwear. This affection started at a young age. Of all our interests skateboarding brought us together mainly.

We’ve always done everything we wanted to do, and we do everything ourselves: video’s, music, graphic design, art projects... Whenever we have an idea, we just do it! But don't let yourself be fooled, a lot of thought goes into compiling a collection which adds a valuable alternative inside this highly saturated branch. Our differences in taste bring a variety of flavours to every single collection. Most items are unisex, all items are hot like a freshly lit spliff on a sunday morning!


All our materials are of high quality and we make sustainability a priority in every step of the process. Chapuzza highly values craftsmanship, which is why we print a lot of our designs ourselves using multiple different printing techniques.